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  1. Workspaces - Workspaces refer to environments or a space where related database objects and activities can be organized. Workspaces can have datasources, aliases created in them which facilitates building and running queries.
  2. Datasources - Datasources are references to the locations or providers of data i.e. a database or a cloud storage.
  3. Aliases - Aliases are alternative shorthand names given to tables or columns using which users can easily query from multiple tables or columns in multiple datasources at one go.
  4. Items - Items are tables, entities, or files in a datasource.
  5. Fields - Fields are the columns or attributes in an item that represent the individual properties of an entity
  6. Query - A query is a command or statement used to retrieve, manipulate, or analyze data from datasources. In ShardOne, they refer to the SQL queries.
  7. Workspace Admin - Admins who can manage a workspace, create datasources, aliases & queries within a workspace. They are also capable of adding existing users in the application or inviting new users to the workspace.
  8. Datasource Admin - The Datasource Admin is responsible for creating, configuring, and managing the datasources in a workspace.
  9. Analyst - The analysts have limited permissions like running and saving queries. They can also view datasources, their items & fields, and aliases, which could be used to build queries.
  10. AWS - Amazon Web Services
  11. MSSQL - Microsoft SQL
  12. ETL - Extract, Transform and Load